Childhood.. Everyone cherish their childhood and we all wish to go back to the days which were our most beautiful and stress free days.

My childhood was also amazing. Starting with my birth, I was very lucky to my Parents. Before I was born they were staying with my grand parents and as family is growing they wished to have a new house for us. They struggled a lot and they believe that they got our home successfully only after I was blessed to them.

Since then I was lucky charm for my parents and I was complete life for them. Initial days of ours we faced many struggles and in our 1 bedroom hall kitchen our 3 life started with lot of fun and joy. Though those days financially we were not that strong but whatever was good for me was always given to me from my parents even in cost of their own wishes sacrificed.

Then parents day to day struggle started with office and promotions and exams. By the time I was 2 years I was put in day care as both my parents were working. Life of we 3 was going smooth..

till we were blessed with my younger sister.. She made our life with full of love#adventure & craziness. Our family that day completed with 4 of us..She was our 2nd Lucky charm who came into our life and my father cracked one most difficult exam and got promotion.

My most lovely sweetheart who calls me AKKU came in our life which made 3 of us forever happy…Our world started revolving just with her. My parents were very happy to be blessed with 2 of their daughters and they always pampered us with all their love.

For them we are like their 2 eyes.

Childhood – Family happy with 2 Daughters.

The Journey Begins..

About Me…

I am Mythily Balaji , born in Tamilnadu and brought up in Surat. I am a mixture of Tamil and Gujarati culture. After living amazing 25 years of my life in Surat, I found my dream boy through matrimonial website and came back to my roots of Tamilnadu after marrying him.

I am a simple Lady who always dream of writing her experiences which I get in my daily routine. The thought of writing many things, having many topics and then deciding to start is a great challenge for me.

Firstly to think that I can make the efforts to write, then to have confidence in my little good English and making attempt to write something which I feel to write is felt initially as a task but as rightly said by George Elliot ” It’s never too late to be who you might have been”, I decided to initiate to experience the joy of writing and wishing to be writer in Future.

So this is I am. Started with writing , actually not knowing what will be my next post. It can be purely on Kindness, on perspectives or like I mentioned earlier I am a simple lady , it can be of my Life, my experiences.

But definitely there will be a Next Post…&